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The Best Landscaping Contractors in Wichita, KS

When you use NLR to find a landscape designer or landscape contractor in Wichita you know that you'll be working with the best rated, most reliable companies in the area. NLR has strict guidelines when it comes to our partners, and we only partner with Wichita landscapers who are known for their high quality work as well as their excellent track records when it comes to customer satisfaction. All of the landscape companies in Wichita that you'll find on NLR carry workers' compensation liability insurance, as well as only use workers that are legally able to work in Wichita. The end result of all of our research is that with NLR you can quickly compare rates on landscaping in Wichita from only the best companies around.

Choosing the Best Landscape Contractor in Wichita

When you are narrowing down your search for a landscaper, it's important that you only look at Wichita landscapers that are licensed to perform their services in Kansas. One thing to look out for is unlicensed landscaping contractors in Wichita offering substantially lower estimates which often look too good to pass up on. Choosing an unlicensed Wichita landscaper will often lead to poor work, if they actually perform the work that they say they will, and can often times turn what looked like a way to save money into a massive hassle that ends up costing more than working with a licensed company.

Beyond working with only Wichita landscape contractors licensed to work in Kansas, there's a few other things that you'll want to look at. Here's a few of the things to look out for when choosing the right landscaper for your needs:

  • View Past Work - browse pictures of their past work to get an idea if you like the quality and designs they they provide. Viewing their past work is the best way to envision what you will end up with as each landscaper in Wichita has their own unique style and expertise.
  • Talk With Them - establishing a good rapport with your contractor will ensure that you end up with a design that fits with your wants and needs. Most customers want a landscaping company in Wichita to tailor the project to their specific needs and not get just the same cookie-cutter landscape as everyone else.
  • Ask for References - every good landscape contractor in Wichita will have an extensive list of satisfied clients. If they do not give out any references this should be seen as a red flag.

Wichita Landscaping Services

Landscape designers, architects and contractors in Wichita have a wide range of techniques and skills at their disposal to transform your property into a comfortable, functional area. Whether you are looking for a Wichita landscaper to build your dream backyard with a swimming pool and palm trees and a pond that makes you feel like your on vacation, or you want a functional, attractive, and easy to maintain landscaping for your business, NLR's found the best Wichita landscapers for the job. NLR is here to help you whether full renovation where the existing concrete, plants, trees, shrubs, lighting and everything else needs to go, or you have undeveloped land where the Wichita landscaping contractor can start from scratch. The bottom line is that you won't find better backyard landscapers or front yard landscapers in Wichita at a lower price anywhere else!

A good landscaper in Wichita will take into account current and future design themes, the climate, future maintenance and personal styles and tastes of their client. Yards can require a lot of time and upkeep which is why it's important to choose a landscaper that is experienced with installing sprinkler systems and creating lasting, low maintenance designs. Most good landscaping companies in Wichita do both hardscaping and landscaping at the same time. Doing both at the same time is more efficient so it will take less time overall and the project cost will be lower overall as well. If you are planning on adding walkways, a driveway, path, fireplace, terrace, firepit, outdoor kitchen or anything else with concrete, rock or stone, then it's important to use a Wichita landscaper with extensive experience and skill with hardscapes.

While a good Wichita landscaping company will leave you with an easy to maintain yard, some upkeep will always be necessary. If you don't want the task of caring for your new yard to fall on your shoulders alone, they should be able to either perform maintenance themselves or give you a recommendation of another company serving Wichita. Typical landscape maintenance includes fertilization, tree trimming, pruning, seeding, rototilling, erosion care, edging, lawn mowing service, garden care and more.

Questions to ask Wichita Landscaping Contractors

Our customers have lot's of questions that they need answered when looking to hire a landscaper in Wichita, here are just a few of the many questions and answers:

How long have you been landscaping in Wichita?

Hiring a Wichita landscaper that has experience with the soil, terrain, and climate in our area is essential in making sure that the project gets completed as best as it possibly can.

Have you worked on any similar projects?

Finding an experienced landscaping contractor in Wichita with expertise and a great track record building what you need is always a good idea. The best way to get an idea of how your yard will look is to look at how their past work has turned out.

Can you give me references from past clients?

All great landscaping companies in Wichita should have an extensive list of happy clients that will be happy to vouch for them, and if they don't then this should be seen as a problem.

Are all of your employees legally able to provide services?

There are many unlicensed companies that will try to cut Wichita landscaping costs by hiring undocumented workers, and companies that do this are unlikely to invest in proper training and their lack of dedication to their craft will show in your finished product.

Do you have active workers' compensation and liability insurance?

If something happens to a worker on your property you can be held liable, which is why it's important that you only work with respectable companies that have active liability insurance policies.

Are any permits needed, and if so who takes care of that?

In most cases you will need to obtain a permit. When getting estimates from your local Wichita landscaper it's important to ask who will obtain and pay for the permits as it can add some additional costs to your project.

Do you hire subcontractors, or are they your own employees?

It's a good idea to know how closely the teams have worked together in the past. Close knit teams tend to produce better work, although there are some high quality subcontractors that can step in and produce excellent results.

Ready to see how much you can save on landscaping in Wichita? Complete the quick quote form right now or give us a call, you won't find lower landscaping prices in Wichita anywhere else!

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